For everyday printing such as reports, accounts, letters, school projects, college assignments etc the only difference you will notice is price. The difference between Ink Refills or compatible cartridges and Original Brand Inks can be anything up to as much as 70%. These days more and more people are making the switch from Original Brand Inks to Refill Inks or compatible cartridges.  The quality of the Ink Refill or compatible cartridge is very important, at Cartridge Plus Naas we use the latest in Refill Technology and the highest quality of Ink, all Ink cartridges undergo strict testing both before and after refilling, all compatible Inks are sourced from reputable suppliers and are produced in ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities. All our products are backed by our full 100% no quibble money back guarantee.

Apart from Price and Quality it is important to note one other difference between a Refilled Ink cartridge / compatible Ink cartridge and the Original Brand and that is the Ink level indicator:

There are two different types of Ink cartridge, Ink Tank cartridges and Printhead cartridges. With Ink Tank cartridges  the micro chip will either be reset or replaced with a new micro chip, and your cartridge refill will show full Ink levels just like the Original Brand Ink, however with printhead  cartridges there is no way of knowing the Ink levels after it has been refilled, when you refill a printhead cartridge and reinstall it into your printer the Ink levels will still read  Ink Low or Out of Ink, and you will only know when you are out of Ink again when the print fades on the page. For most people this is fine as the cost savings are too great to ignore.