Businesses, homes and schools print everyday, as you know printing can be expensive, at Cartridge Plus your local printing expert we can save you time and money by following these 4 simple steps:

iPrint tips

1. Printing in Colour : Colour costs more to print than Black, so only print colour when you need to, make sure to check your printer settings before you send something to print, select grey scale or Black when you dont need colour, printing in colour when you dont need to uses extra ink and costs additional money per page.

2. Printing images : Always be conscious of the image quality you require, if the quality is higher than you need you will use a lot more Ink and the cost will rise, on the other hand if the quality is too low the image will look terrible and you will end up reprinting it, again usmore ink and paper resulting in rising costs. The trick is to print the correct size and quality that you need, generally speaking 150 pixels per inch should be ok.

3. Font Size : Choose the correct font sizes, generally 14pt. for headings and 11pt. for body text is fine. Using larger font sizes when not necessary will use more ink and paper again resulting in higher printing costs.

4. Duplex Printing : Double sided printing is the perfect way to save on paper, always select duplex before you print where possible. If your printer does not have duplex functionality and you are a high volume printer then it might be worth investing in a new printer with duplex functionality, you will save money in the long term and you are also helping the environment.


The above points are just four simple ways to reduce your printing costs, there are many more, for further advice on all printing related issues call the experts at Cartridge Plus on 045-888459 or email We will be happy to help.