The million dollar question


Should I buy an Inkjet or Laser Printer?


Your printer has packed in and you need to purchase a new one, do you buy an Inkjet or a Laser?


The first question to ask when buying either is how much do the cartridges cost to replace? Most printer manufacturers sell below cost printers and then make their revenue from overpriced Printer Cartridges. The general rule of thumb is  – the cheaper the printer to buy the more expensive it will be to run and vice versa.  The second question you need to ask is can the cartridges be refilled and are there compatible versions available, using either can save you anything upto 60% on buying new original branded cartridges.


You then need to consider how often you print, if you only print a few pages every now and then an inkjet will be fine, also for slightly heavier use in the home such as school projects, emails etc an inkjet will also suffice.


There will be a considerable difference in price between an Inkjet and a Laser printer. Inkjet are usually below €100 and Laser over €100, an Inkjet for less than €50 should be avoided as the Ink cartridges will be very small and the cost per page high ( fine if you only print maybe a boarding pass a couple of times a year, you wont notice the cost ). Inkjet printers generally come with Copy and Scan functions . laser printers use Toner and not Ink so the cost of printing a page is much less than with Ink but the initial purchase price will be higher. A good economical Laser printer can be a good long term investment , they are faster and produce a higher quality print.. Again by using refilled Toners or Compatible Toners you could save yourself upto 60%. For businesses where colour is needed to showcase their business a good quality Colour Laser printer is a must.


To sum up if you are printing high volumes a laser printer would be the wiser choice.