How to perform a Head Clean on a Brother DCP-195C / DCP-J315W / DCP-J132W Printer

If when printing your printer shows signs of poor quality print, faded print, missing print or prints blank pages you will need to perform a head clean.

  1. Press the Ink Management or Menu button located on the top of the printer.
  2. Scroll through the menu and Select Test Print and click ok.
  3. A test page will print out
  4. The menu will then display Is Quality Ok?
  5. On the test page check that the dotted lines forming the four colour blocks are all visible with no gaps. If ok, using the up arrow select Yes on the control panel. If gaps are visible select No using the down arrow on the control panel to start the cleaning process.
  6. It will then ask is Black ok? Again select Yes or no using the arrows on the control panel.
  7. It will then ask is Colour ok? Again select Yes or No using the arrows on the control panel.
  8. It will then say Start Cleaning? Say yes by selecting the up arrow on the control panel.
  9. The printer will begin, once finished print another test page to see if there are still any gaps visible in the four colour block.
  10. If there are still some gaps repeat steps 4 to 9 again.
  11. In some cases you may need to do 4 or 5 head cleans depending on how blocked the nozzles are. If after this there is still no improvement in print quality contact Cartridge Plus on 045-888459 and we can take a look at your machine for you, it may be a printer related issue.